Alberto Mazza began to study music when he was 7 years old. He has played gigs around different countries from America and Europe, performing his own projects. In 2016 he appeared in the 159th issue of Modern Drummer Magazine, Brazil.

His current project of Argentinian music “Mil Tierras” is shared with pianist and composer Tomás Fares. Some of the most distinguished Argentinian music artists took part in “Noche”, their first album, like Liliana Herrero, Quique Sinesi, Víctor Carrión, Guillo Espel among others.

He is author of “Argentine Folk Music an Improvisation Approach”, book that has been circulated among different schools and universities in the world through Clinics and Master Classes, some of them sponsored by Sonor.

He has performed on several occasions with the Orquesta Estable of the Teatro Colón from the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He is a Drum Teacher Yamaha and Endorsement of Paiste, Remo and Vic Firth.




As a drummer, he has participated in many live sessions and different project recordings, performing various music genres like Argentinian music, Jazz, Soul, Funk, Pop, Rock, Stage musicals among others.
He has toured around American and European countries.
Here are some of the music artists he has played with:
Tomás Fares, David Tello, Quique Sinesi, Liliana Herrero, Víctor Carrión, Bernardo Baraj, Guillo Espel quartet, Marcelo Predacino, Miguel Cuchietti, Adrián D’Angelo, Raúl Palma, Juan Bayón, Martín Lozano, Santiago Otero Ramos among others.
He took part of the percussion group Zyklus together with Gerardo Cavanna (director), Gustavo Alfieri and Fernando Saldaño, performing well-known pieces by Smith Brindle, John Cage, Carmelo Saita, Taira and Stockhausen. They held concerts in Centro Cultural Rojas, Teatro de Escobar, Arte a Palos Drums and Percussion Festival in Teatro de Morón. The group was also invited to take part in the International Percussion Festival held in Puerto Rico in 2004.
In 2011 and 2012, he was called to play jazz in the “Noche de Reyes” musical by W. Shakespeare, together with well-known Argentinian actors (Teatro El Cubo and Teatro Cervantes). This musical got 5 nominations from the 2011/2012 ACE awards and got the 2012 “Florencio Sánchez” award for best musical.
Since 2009 he has taken part of a duo with the world-known guitarist Quique Sinesi, with whom he has been developing different Argentinian music genres. The duo has played with Guillo Espel’s quartet and the acclaimed Argentinian singer, Liliana Herrero. In 2013, they recorded a DVD for the “Argentine Folk Music an Improvisation Approach” book.
Currently, he is directing the Argentinian music project “Mil Tierras” with pianist and composer Tomás Fares, who produced his first album “Noche”, edited in February, 2018.


He has worked as a drummer and percussionist with different symphonic orchestras and big bands, performing in concerts, symphonic concerts, symphonic chorus concerts and musicals.
In the academic percussion field, he has worked as a hired musician in the Orquesta Estable of the Teatro Colón and also in the Teatro Avenida playing in many important operas.
He was a member of the Orquesta Sinfónica of Hurlingham which performed concerts in different cultural centres, Facultad de Derecho de Buenos Aires, Teatro de Arrecife, Canal A, Teatro Colón among others.
Alberto Mazza’s passion for exploring and working with orchestra sonority led him and Tomás Fares to include two pieces for a trio and orchestra in the album “Noche” in the “Mil Tierras” project. The arrangements were done by Master Guillo Espel, who also directed musicians during the recording.



He has 22 year-year experience in teaching privately to learners from different provinces in Argentina and other cities in the world, who aimed at developing professional skills with the instrument. During 13 years, he worked for the Music department in Saint Hilda’s College of Hurlingham, Buenos Aires. He was a lecturer in the Drums and Percussion class and a director of a percussion group. He also participated in symphonic concerts, symphonic chorus concerts and musicals held by this educational institution.

Inspired in Jazz and Afro-Cuban music, he has developed the book “Argentine Folk Music an Improvisation Approach”, edited in June, 2013.
He has presented his book in Clinics and Master Classes in Buenos Aires and in some other cities from Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Europe. These are some of the renowned schools and universities where he has carried out Master Classes on his book: Escuela de Música de Buenos Aires (EMBA), Escuela Moderna de Chile, Escola de Comunicações e Artes da Universidade de São Paulo (Brasil), Conservatório e Faculdade Musical Souza Lima de São Paulo, Brasil (linked to Berklee College of Music).
He participated in the second edition of “Toque”, the most important International Percussion Festival in Argentina held in Buenos Aires in 2015.
In 2016, he carried out a clinic tour about his book “Argentine Folk Music an Improvisation Approach” in Spain as a collaborator of the brand Sonor, sponsored by Euromusica Fersan, (Sonor Spain).
He was the organiser of Jeff Ballard’s first Master Class in Argentina (American drummer, Chick Corea, Brad Melhdau, Joshua Redman among others). Carried out in June, 2013.
Currently he is a Drum Teacher Yamaha and heads his own drum school, Dinamika Drum School, in the city of Arezzo, Italy.



At the beginning it was Alberto’s father who transmitted the passion for music to him. He learned his first guitar chords and sang for the first time with his own father. When he was 7 years old, he took up private music and guitar lessons.


He graduated from Conservatorio de Música Clásica “Alberto Ginastera” in Morón, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He took part of the percussion class conducted by Gerardo Cavanna (Orquesta Estable of the Teatro Colón, city of Buenos Aires, Argentina).
He holds a degree of Music and Percussion Teacher.


Juan Carlos Martello (Escuela de Música Popular Leopoldo Marechal Teacher, city of Ramos Mejía, Buenos Aires, Argentina). Drum Set lessons – 1995 to 2000.

Tristán Taboada (First Snare Drum, Orquesta Estable of the Teatro Colón, city of Buenos Aires, Argentina). Drum Set and Snare Drum lessons – 2001 to 2005.

Fernando Martínez (Escuela de Música Contemporánea Teacher, city of Buenos Aires, Argentina). Drum Set lessons – 2006.


He took part of several seminars on drum set and percussion in the province of Río Negro, Argentina. These were lectured by masters like William Moersch, Rebeca Kite, Frank Kumor, Ted Piltzecker, Gustavo Olivar, Fernando Hashimoto among others.